slim plinth


With the straight forward addition of the optional plinth panel, an elegant structure with a more permanent and conventional monolith appearance is quickly and easily created, something not usually achievable from a quick fix post mounted sign systems. Ideally suited for use in transport interchanges or retail locations where space is limited and conventional installation techniques a potential problem.

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slim post


kara can easily be mounted to new or existing posts to provide a low cost rapid solution to your signage needs. kara can easily be extended to provide additional information space at an accessible height. Area maps help users with orientation, locate alternative transport options and aid onward journey planning. 

kara's tall slim form is equally suited to retail branding, combining presence

with a small footprint, both invaluable qualities for confined and cluttered high street environments.

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wide post


kara’s straight forward construction allows a variety of different configurations in structure heights and widths. Kara can carry a wide range of bespoke graphics from bold eye catching statements marking an entrance to carrying high quality mapping with good reach and coverage.

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The kara post system is specifically designed to promote car-sharing and to clearly signpost and demarcate designated parking spaces reserved for those using the scheme. Proven through the award winning Islington car club scheme to measurably reduce the number of parking tickets or PCN's (Penalty Charge Notices) issued. The DfT has approved the integration of car club signage with statutory road signage under the 'Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 - section 64 and 65 authorisation of traffic and special directions.'

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wall vertical


A useful extension of the kara family is the vertical wall mounted variant. Single sided panels available in a variety of different lengths. Ideally suited for locations were floor space is not available or as an end point destination sign is required.

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large post


kara’s large dimensions and scalable design is perfectly suited to the application of super graphics or vehicular focused information. Kara strikes an elegant pose, allowing for the considered provision of transport information and removes the eye saws that can be created on your campus, town or development by traditional post and panel signage.

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wide plinth


The wide variant of kara can also be dressed with the addition of the optional plinth panel, to create an elegant structure with a more permanent and conventional monolith appearance. The increased proportions of the wide sign are perfect when larger volumes of information are needed or a bigger splash is required.

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large plinth

As with the slim and wide sign proportions the plinth adds a level of sophistication and overall feeling of quality to the design.  The plinth can also ensure a consistent design language is kept across a comprehensive signage scheme of structures or used as a differentiator when required.

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wall horizontal


A useful extension of the kara family is the horizonal wall mounted variant. Single sided panels available in a variety of different lengths. Ideally suited for locations were floor space is not available or as an end point destination sign is required.

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quality to last decades


fwdesign are hugely experienced in the developing of urban realm products and our family of fwd product represent our 'best practice' solution for today's needs and tomorrow's aspirations.

Our product have been designed to maximise wayfinding effectiveness, value engineered to minimise cost and prototyped and tested to ensure longevity. Product modularity means systems can be easily customised, adapted and updated.


Optional plinth: fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel with a brushed finish applied, the plinth grounds the product providing a quality aesthetic when required.

Graphic panels: aluminium panels with soft folded edges, finished in a polyester powder coat base colour with vinyl graphics and an anti graffiti lacquer to improve durability.

Post: sign can be installed on existing or new posts allowing quick low cost installation.




kara has been an excellent and proven solution to many cities, towns and university campuses. The images shown below are some of the projects delivered with Kara in the London Borough of Islington


other services


We are experts in core service areas that can be combined to create a seamless offer tailored to support large project initiatives from front end design strategy through to product implementation. We are great team players and love to work collaborately with inspired clients and partner design agencies.

sign location plan


The success on any wayfinding system is dictated by the delivery of the right information in the right place. Our team have many years of experience in strategic planning and locating the best positions for signage and street furniture to compliment the environment. Wayfinding signage should be there when you look for it while enhancing the streetscape and creating a sense of place, not visual clutter.



Our maps are very effective communication devices that convey a wealth of diverse information in a visually attractive, easy to interpret and accessible manner. Based on international standards we have developed our own best practise mapping conventions and applied them to the challenges encountered by pedestrians wishing to understand their location, find their destination quickly or easily navigate around the public realm.

sign schedule


Our team are experts in managing information content. We have proven development tools to create data structure and manage content review with quality control measures to ensure accurate information content is implemented.

information graphics


Our team of graphic designers have specialised expertise in information design for the built environment. We understand the challenges of delivering information in a 3-dimensional format, where physical conditions such as lighting, reflection and crowds of people can all have a significant impact on its effectiveness. With reference to international standards, we test layout options to ensure information is presented in the most intuitive and easily understood manner.

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