The marker is a new concept in wayfinding - a totally unique and innovative information device.

Aimed at cycle routes and walkways, he is extremely flexible in the way he carries information - from the vitreous top cap (with the ability to carry graphic information on all four sides and on top) - down to the double-sided infill panel. Whether marking out a nature trail, or providing interpretive information at a heritage site, the marker is set to become a valuable addition to any wayfinding system.

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marker tall


The same construction as the marker with a larger information top cap providing a strong visible presence in any urban or rural landscape.

Equally suitable as a building ID point or as a heritage beacon/marker identifying a place of interest and with enough information space available to accommodate a breadth of branding and information graphics.

fwdesign registered design: 001604026-0001

marker bike


The bike marker is the most basic form of the standard marker than can be used for a variety of different uses from bike racks in clusters to boundary markers.

There is an opportunity to incorporate graphic elements to the bike stand, useful if the bike racks are sited outside a key location (for example, a train station) or if there is a desire to communicate with cyclists (for example, to warn them of the dangers of leaving their bike unlocked).

fwdesign registered design: 001604026-0001


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quality to last decades


fwdesign are hugely experienced in the developing of urban realm products and our family of fwd product represent our 'best practice' solution for today's needs and tomorrow's aspirations.

Our product have been designed to maximise wayfinding effectiveness, value engineered to minimise cost and prototyped and tested to ensure longevity. Product modularity means systems can be easily customised, adapted and updated.


Graphic panels: fabricated in vitreous enamel with a choice of colours and graphics. Other material options including aluminium with applied graphics available as a less durable option.

Top cap: fabricated in vitreous enamel with a choice of colours and graphics. Other material options including aluminium with applied graphics available as a less durable option.

The body: fabricated in 316 grade stainless steel with a shot peened finish applied. Other material options including aluminium available as a less durable option.




mark is an flexible and affordable solution to any cities, towns and greenspaces. The images shown below are some of the projects delivered with mark showing versatility of it's usage and application.

Daisy Cemetery Short Marke copy

other services


We are experts in core service areas that can be combined to create a seamless offer tailored to support large project initiatives from front end design strategy through to product implementation. We are great team players and love to work collaborately with inspired clients and partner design agencies.

sign location plan


The success on any wayfinding system is dictated by the delivery of the right information in the right place. Our team have many years of experience in strategic planning and locating the best positions for signage and street furniture to compliment the environment. Wayfinding signage should be there when you look for it while enhancing the streetscape and creating a sense of place, not visual clutter.



Our maps are very effective communication devices that convey a wealth of diverse information in a visually attractive, easy to interpret and accessible manner. Based on international standards we have developed our own best practise mapping conventions and applied them to the challenges encountered by pedestrians wishing to understand their location, find their destination quickly or easily navigate around the public realm.

sign schedule


Our team are experts in managing information content. We have proven development tools to create data structure and manage content review with quality control measures to ensure accurate information content is implemented.

information graphics


Our team of graphic designers have specialised expertise in information design for the built environment. We understand the challenges of delivering information in a 3-dimensional format, where physical conditions such as lighting, reflection and crowds of people can all have a significant impact on its effectiveness. With reference to international standards, we test layout options to ensure information is presented in the most intuitive and easily understood manner.

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